Friday, October 16, 2015

No Comment (s)

I try to be a regular commenter on all the blogs I read.
Even though I do not post as often as I used to, I still read everyone's blogs daily.
I'm out here... lurking.
One thing you may have noticed (or maybe not, because I give myself too much credit that ya'll are giving any thought to my comments at all) is that I haven't been able to comment as often on other people's blogs. :(
The browser on my laptop is no longer supported and thus has disabled most comment boxes on people's blogs. I get a greyed out box that I can't click on. They easy answer would be to upgrade my browser, but because it is company property (ahem, cough, cough), I don't have administrative rights to download. Wah, wah.
That is not the only issue. The other issue is that I can't get on Smartpak's website at all! Quelle Horror!!! #FirstWorldProblems
Other than that, life is pretty fine.
Boca and I are entering the next chapter of our training, in which we are trying to develop an adjustable canter and can actually find some distances.
Of course, it would be nice if I had some actual new media since June.
As we hit the next stage of our development, I promise I will try to be better at capturing some of it on film or video. I swear.
Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. happy friday to you too! bummer about the technical problems but exciting to hear you and Boca are progressing so nicely in you work! looking forward to hearing more about it :)

  2. Bummer, though the nice thing about not having administrative rights, is its #notyourproblem when shit don't work :P

  3. Love how far you've come this year!! :-)

  4. Glad you're doing well -- I've missed ya!

  5. I have the same problem as you! Arg! On my work computer :'( so I can't change the settings.

  6. hey Shauna - just wanted to check in and see how you're doing this winter! hope you and Boca are doing well :)